What's the product?

Overall, this product is wonderful in theory: It allows me to pick gyms anywhere in Germany, without having to join any specific gym.

The iOS app that I used, however, makes it shockingly hard to actually find the things I want to do. In practice, I've given up: I simply go to the same gym consistently, because, with this app, it's painful to try to find new activities: There's too many irrelevant options, and the options that look interesting are often not available or even fully closed!

My experience with the app

I want to find activities near me, so I use the map. This is how the map greets me. This display is not helpful. It's not important to me that there are many potential things I could do, because most of them won't be interesting for me.



  1. Based on previous usage of the app, predict which activities are most likely to be selected by me. Only display those.
  2. Visually differentiate those activities by displaying small icons (fitness, yoga, running).


Given that there are many options, and there's no recommended options, it's very important that filtering is straightforward.


  1. Given that we are searching from a map, I don't think we need a filter for the district.
  2. I don't understand the radio button for the membership: The membership level is known based on my user data. Why would I want to select something that I didn't subscribe to? Maybe the intent is that users might learn what they miss out on, but if that's what we want to communicate, I'd prefer tailored recommendations: "If you sign up for XL, then you would also be able to do this cool course"


This filter does not work the way I expect. In the context of working out, I usually think of an activity like Yoga, and then want to find all options. But this filter is a multi-select! So if I pick yoga, and then search for massages later, I'd be picking (Yoga + Massages), and the map does not allow me to distinguish between the results.


  1. Make it a simple picker (one choice!)
  2. Pull out the most popular options and make them available as buttons above the filters