The curse of same-day changes

I find it fascinating when something has a default design, and you are positively surprised by a product that has thought about this design and improved it. Over the last few months, I've been looking at stocks. And I noticed that there's a bad, bad default in the standard chart: Same-day changes:

See an example from the iPhone Stocks app, and this looks similar for many web apps that I've checked in addition (e.g. Google or Yahoo Stocks):

One day is not the right time period for me, because I invested one week ago. So I switch to the weekly display, and: It does not tell me what's important for me! The graph adjusts, and I know I lost money, but I don't know how much!

Here's how Robinhood does it better by displaying this information:

This might seem small, but to me this, in itself, is a reason to use Robinhood. They have thought about what information I need, and they are giving that to me. Thank you!

Can we do better?

Some ideas for tweaking these graphs: